cherwell UI

Corporate UI

UI Design and User Experience

A Tailored Approach to Cherwell Design.

Taking UI Branding (colour schemes) up a gear, is the design itself. Cherwell has recently done a great job of revamping the latest UI. There is still plenty of scope for to tailor it further, and for good reasons too:

  • Use of elements such as corporate icons or cards to easily distinguish between different sections of the screen.
  • Draw attention to the areas used most or created especially for the organisation.
  • Separate out different functions or departments e.g. IT, HR, Facilities etc.
  • Separation of practices e.g. Incident, Service Request, Change Request etc.
  • Additional visual highlighting of required fields, lookup fields, status or events.


Design is subjective. What appeals to one person may not be so appealing to the next person. Using prototyping, we can quickly create, change, share and grade design responses across a range of stakeholders to achieve optimum result.

Custom corporate icon packs are also part of the design packages. We either take existing corporate icon style or create new icons sets for Cherwell OOTB or any custom development iconography.

Dashboards are meant to provide the right information to the right people in order to become informed or make decisions.

Dashboard data can range from 'fan speed' figures which provide 'count' information, or KPI metrics which provide measurable aspects of performance or situational statistics.

Dashboard data sets are ultimately chosen by company strategy, goals and objectives. The way data sets are grouped must flow logically to support the purpose of dashboard. They must also be represented using the most appropriate chart type. For example, pie charts are considered the most counterproductive form of data representations. If you must include them, use donuts! See more.