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The importance of user experience in digital transformation.

"Good UI, an essential part of user experience, communicates brand values and reinforces users trust".
Interaction Design Organisation

Cherwell Themes

Cherwell will soon be introducing significant changes to its theme management. This will bring greater flexibility to user interface design management, making it easier to personalise the look and interactive design of the Cherwell interface.

Let's explore some options to improve Cherwell branding.

Corporate branding provides a quick way to choose and fine tune the branding style of the Cherwell objects and dashboards, but not the design layout itself (more on this below: design).

To browse different branding options from your corporate identity manual, we use our mock objects, forms, dashboards etc to quickly change colour schemes and typeface. This can literally be done on the fly. For example, changing a text style or colour will be instantly reflected across the entire suite of Cherwell objects.

"Color is 85% of the reason you purchased a specific product. The right combination can improve readership by 40%, comprehension by 73% and learning by 78%."
Neil Patel, Marketing Guru.

When experimenting with corporate branding, considerations should also be given to the principles of human interaction design. Good design can make the difference between a positive user experience, and a negative one. For example, choosing the wrong colour combination will result in 10% of the viewing audience - the colour blind - to fail to distinguish between these colours, causing unnecessary confusion and frustration.

"Color does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it."
Pierre Bonnard

After all, it's your corporate branding. You may have tons marketing material e.g. mugs, pens etc that employees and customers interact with, so why not brand something that some may spend the whole day looking at.

Forms are the obvious first choice. There are dozens of them in OOTB Cherwell. Use the theme manager to tailor Cherwell branding, or to quickly see different brand options. I use prototype designs which allow quick comparisons across multiple forms.

Form Branding

It's quite easy to change the branding in Cherwell.

The question is not "Why should I rebrand" but, "Why shouldn't I rebrand?".