Cherwell Development

Working with the Cherwell product, I've been part of numerous ITSM projects.

Here are some non-ITSM standout projects I worked on.


World-first delivery of the Cherwell HRSM System, with 1 year of enhancements.


50 connected Cherwell dashboards providing efficiency, flexibility and scalability.


A lightweight workflow management system suitable for any departmental process.


In 2018 Cherwell released their latest version of the HRSM system. Becoming first in the world to deliver it, work has since continued to enhance and extend functionality:

Security Checks | Buddy Checks | Customer Survey | Business Partner Limited Access | Learning & Development Forms | ER Case Confidential Object | ER Workflow | Dashboard Suite | Portal.

Dashboard Suite

The Dashboard Suite provided a customisable design whilst maximising screen real estate. It's most powerful feature is the ability to add, remove, change, or disable any of the 14 menu item names and icons across all 50 of the connected dashboards. That's a cool 700 items, done in an instant.

It is made with the ITSM or HRSM OOTB widgets and is suitable for any dashboard reporting requirements.


A lightweight addition to Cherwell, that accommodates custom workflows for any department.

Workflow Process Steps

Simply complete the form step details and launch the next step in the process workflow.