My biggest takeaway from sitting the ITIL4 Foundation

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I finally got around to sitting the ITIL 4 foundation.

My biggest takeaway I got from the study material was the application of Design Thinking which is currently surrounding the world of UX, CX, EX, DX and all those other 'X' experiences.

In 2019 I took an interest in Design Thinking wondering if it had been, or could be, applied to ITSM. I didn't find too much that convinced me it was prevalent so I pursued.

  • (At the time of writing this article) I studied at least UX, Dashboard Design, and HCI:
  • I brushed up on design technologies:
  • I built a large set of assets (the whole of the Cherwell suite) to allow me to quickly build interactive high-fidelity prototypes:

My reasoning for doing this was to plug a couple of holes I had experienced in my ITSM development projects where let's just say - there was scope for improvement. It made sense to use Design Thinking, at the very least, to:

  • Encourage customer-provider collaboration through empathy and prototyping.
  • Use prototyping to give a clearer picture of outcomes, before development begins.

Then, when reading through the material for the ITIL4 foundation, there it was: Design Thinking. I used Clare Agutters book ITIL 4 Essentials and on page 221:

I felt relief.  

It had crossed my mind that I would have felt deflated as I had been well and truly beaten to the concept. However my natural reaction was quite the opposite. I took it as a compliment as it confirmed that in my own world I had become a thought leader.  

Next, I'm off to invent a circular thing and I'm going to call it a "WHEEL".

Thank you for reading.

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